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Multitable SnG

    • nitaidean
      Joined: 15.05.2010 Posts: 60
      Hey, so I recently started multi-tabling SnG's, but I had a few questions:

      1) I'm not sure what size SnG's to play. I've been doing 9 person STT with the standard 50-30-20 payout (on fulltilt) but I'm pretty sure I have a bigger edge in the 18 or 27 person SnG's... the problem is there are less of them running and it would take me a long time to load enough for a good multi-tabling session. Actually I dont think there are enough, period, at a given period of time. And I think it might be problematic mixing 18's and 27's and 9's all in the same session, because I would lose track and not realize if Im on the final table or whats going on. So my question is: what is everyone else doing? When Boku did his famous 40 table at a time gig, what style of game did he play?

      2) Playing in sets vs continuous. I'm playing sets of 9 ATM, but I could probably do more. Is sets the best way or am I just wasting time, and should load more as the tourneys end?

      3) Display: my screen cant actually show so many screens so I just stack them until im down to six left and then I tile them. Whats everyone else doing?

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    • pinnryder
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 597
      1. You could move sites to stars, I guess the traffic in the MTT SnGs is higher there, although I'm not sure about this. I don't think it would be a big problem mixing the 18man with the 27man tourneys. But I would not mix them with 9 man since the gamestyle is different in the STTs. When you play on FTP you easily recognize being on the final table because the layout changes so that wouldn't be much of a problem.

      2. It really depends what you prefer more. But it might be a good idea to play continous since you said that there is not that much traffic so loading a set would probably take quite some time. Then you have to pay attention to the stage of the tourney though and you probably have to play a different style on different tables which could be a bit confusing at the begining but I don't think it will take long to get used to that.

      3. Again go with what you like the most. It took me some time finding the right layout for me. First I was tiling then stacking. I found the right solution in between: I tile 4 tables and stack the others on top. The table size is just right for my liking and I can place my HUD very comfortably and tha table is not overloaded.

      Hope I could help a little ;)
    • nitaidean
      Joined: 15.05.2010 Posts: 60
      Yeah thats actually really helpful =)

      What are the SnG multitable regs playing? Which site, and which format (9, 18, 27, 45, etc)? Or just a general mix of them?
    • dashe
      Joined: 07.04.2009 Posts: 26
      And also, how different are the styles between 9 and 18 man sng ? what do you need to adjust ?
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Some people multitable single table SNGs, others multitable MTT SNGs. If there isn't enough traffic on one site, move to another. Check the Sharkscope leader boards to see where there seem to be many profitable games.

      In MTT SNGs, accumulating chips is more important early on. The average stack on the bubble is much larger. Once you get to the final table, you may be more risk-averse than you would be in a 50-30-20 tournament. I think MTT SNGs tend to be more complicated than STT SNGs, and it takes longer to get good feedback from your results, so I recommend STT SNGs for novices.

      If you are stacking instead of tiling because you don't have much screen space, consider buying a second monitor. Most modern graphics cards support the use of a second monitor, as does Windows XP onward. You can get a 1920x1080 LCD monitor for under US$150 + shipping, and it might pay for itself quickly. You can fit 12 (small) Full Tilt tables on a 1920x1080 monitor with no overlap. Of course, some people just prefer stacking, but I think you lose valuable information that way.

      Playing continuously lets you play a lot more than playing in sets. However, you may find it more stressful, and you have to deal with tournaments in very different stages at the same time. You will be heads-up on one table, on the bubble in another, and at 15/30 on a third. If you are used to playing in sets, then you might find that you have a lot less time to spend on heads-up battles because you will still be playing the full number of tournaments rather than only 1-4 at that point. You may also need a pee bottle (SNG Whizz), which is frowned on if you play in an internet cafe or while visiting inlaws. Some sites synchronize breaks on MTT SNGs to reduce this problem.
    • jbpatzer
      Joined: 22.11.2009 Posts: 6,955
      Originally posted by pzhon
      You may also need a pee bottle (SNG Whizz), which is frowned on if you play in an internet cafe or while visiting inlaws. Some sites synchronize breaks on MTT SNGs to reduce this problem.
      I'm going to try to convince mrsjb that I need one of these just to see the look on her face! :D
    • 8979687
      Joined: 11.11.2008 Posts: 2,225
      I find that if I play in succession I tend to wear down after about 25 games.

      I can play on but it won't be optimal play and as mentioned bathroom breaks are a must.

      I usually hit the same amount of games in a day either by playing in succesion for 25 at a time
      and taking a 5 to 10 min break and then playing 25 more 12 tabling or by doing it in sets of 12.

      Sets of 12 may take longer but energy wise or for optimal play it works out to be the same for me.

      Once I become an advanced player I am sure there will be a huge difference in volume between
      the two methods but for now I would not recommend playing more than you can handle
      and challenge yourself to increase your volume as you become very comfortable with your
      current level of games / play.

      If you have table ninja you can try setting it to open games continuously for say 1 hour at first
      and try a smaller amount of games like 6 at once to see if you can handle the different blind levels.

      Also... You can open a set up and when you have only a few tables left at higher blind levels
      you can start opening up more games and they will be taking less of your attention because
      at lower blind levels your play is much more static and decisions are easier. This allows for more
      focus on the tables at the end game stages.

      I highly recommend table ninja for this as you can let it auto open more games and keep
      your attention on the high blind tables. This does limit your choice of sites but there are
      AHK scripts for others which I am unfamiliar with.

      I am a fan of stacking so far up to the $6.50s. I do know I will probably have to change to tiled
      at higher limits but for practice with late game decisions and for not watching the board play out
      and get affected by bad runs instead of applauding good decisions I recommend it for micro level
      games if not cascaded and with both methods pulling tables out to an unused part of the monitor
      as needed. In order to avoid getting tired I have my tables set to a small size with optimal font
      (On stars it adjusts as you adjust the screen) So I am focused on a small area and can see all
      my stats and stack sizes etc without moving my eyes very much. This leaves plenty of room
      for moving tables out of the cascade / stack to concentrate on if needed.

      My second screen is used for the lobby and finding multi tablers / table selection as my set fires up.

      I use HEM stats to keep track of regs and I watch who is playing at me and who is too tight.
      It takes a while to get the hang of but you can keep up when playing 12 games of who the regs
      are and get good reads. Once you adjust to most solid regs they back off but some do not
      realize and keep playing without adjusting to your adjustment.

      There i a good silver video by J little on multi tabling in the strategy section that I found helpful.

      And as was mentioned about final tables appearing different....

      Some sites have empty seats on non final tables and on final tables as players are eliminated
      the seat itself dissapears so you can tell when you are on a final table that way.

      I am still a fish but the above works well for me.