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Software for DoN graphs?

    • NenadNacevic
      Joined: 20.02.2009 Posts: 101
      I'm using HEM for graphing regular SnGs, so I'm wondering if it's accurate for DoNs as well?
      If it's not, is there any software that is good for DoN graphing with the "line without luck" and all that?

      Thanks in advance!
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    • winpkwin
      Joined: 05.09.2009 Posts: 372
      Hi guys, try Don indicator.

      Information provided

      Your position in the tournament determined by stack sizes.

      Total number of players remaining in the tournament.

      Also known as "Magriel's M" and Chip-Status index (CSI). Your stack divided by the cost in antes and blinds for one orbit.

      Also known as "Harrington's Q". It is the ratio between your stack and the average stack.

      Big Blinds:
      Your stack divided by the size of a big blind.

      Stack Difference:
      Shows the difference between your stack and the stack of the person on the opposite side of the bubble i.e. when you are in position 1-5 it compares to the stack in 6th position. When you are in position 6 or worse it compares to the 5th position. The difference is measured in multiple of your own stack size.

      Avg. Stack:
      Total chips divided by the number of remaining players.

      Your chip count compared to total chip count.

      Cost Per Round. Cost in blinds and antes of one orbit.

      Level time:
      Seconds left of current blind level. Shown as a bar graph below the other stats.