elephant gets super uber laggy

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      I've had this problem for the last few days - the elephant just gets super laggy and it takes like over a minute to do anything, like switching from the overview to the hands tab, reviewing a hand... And that's not the worst, while I'm playing it does that too, the little popup from the systray icon wont go away for like a very long time, covering buttons and all that...I play on a laptop and it's super annoying on that small screen, I have to move tables around it. Also, on Everest, the minimum size that you can make the table window makes the stats of the HUD crunched around the player name and stacksize, the one right above the buttons is always "clicked" when I click "call"and the detailed view for the player come sup, which when it's lagging takes forever to get off the screen and since its always-on-top I can't see anything and have to end the elephant process from the device manager, in order to play at all.

      Have you any idea what might cause this? It's not like my database is too big, I've only got like 65k hands. Maybe some optimization or...I don't know. It's not like that 100% of the time, just sometimes but I can't notice when. Also, today it was displaying my winnings wrong and after a while it got laggy, I ended the process, restarted the elephant and it found new hand histories, imported them and then viewed the winnings correctly, but that wasn't the first time I restarted it since I was done playing for the day, weird stuff...

      Anybody got the same problem? I just know I can't use it like that.
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