Loosing morals big time !

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      Hello guys.
      I ve been playing SSS for some time now, climbed to NL50 level and my highest BR was 400$.
      I had to withdraw most of my money due to 2 months time, so I was left with about 100,which I transferred to PokerStars and start playing 4 days ago on NL10.
      After few decent session I was caught in a twister of downswing which as usal lead to make few really bad decisions, so now am 6 sessions in a row in red and it seems no matter what I do I cannot end session in positive.
      I am down to 30$ and my morals is really on its reserves now.
      I know a situation will eventually get better but somehow I cant escape the feeling that I am horrible player.

      I lost most coinflips in a 20+ situations (mostly AK, AQ,JJ) and had some bad beats( KK,AA,QQ,JJ).

      I am pretty much at the point where I dont know which way to go.
      To play or not to play!
      To go read some material, watch videos!
      Also not bother with poker any more is also a slight option.

      I know the easiest thing would be to blame poker stars for it, but they all suck.
      Same as was Ongame I previously played SSS on.

      So my question to you is where do you find motivation when found in a situation like this and whats correct course of action?

      Best regards
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