• iamavibe
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      So I know that using bots destroys the fun of poker and whatever, but I often worry about not spending enough time playing poker, and thus losing my chance to make cash and if I was away and had a bot playing for me I would not be losing out.

      I was wondering if anyone knew of any FREE bot program that I could ajust to implement the SSS?

      Any thoughts on this idea?
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    • Ohmu
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      Hi iamavibe!

      I'd say this falls under the cheating category and could get you banned. Also I don't think anyone would give out free bot programs. You either need to find the right guy and pay him or write one yourself (requires that you know how to program).
      Also, this isn't that good of an idea because when the bot is playing, you are not, thus you are missing the vital experience to make it in the poker world.

    • iamavibe
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      Oh, is it seen as cheating?
      Well there goes that idea
    • 098799
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      But still... sss on lower limits is so predictable, that there should be no problem in making money that way. Good luck, iamavibe ;) .
    • Laurenz1988
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      Bots using SSS are too easily exploitable
    • Puschkin81
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      Originally posted by Laurenz1988
      Bots using SSS are too easily exploitable
      Definitely not!

      But don't think about programming such a bot. You will get banned.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • rubysilesia
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      SSS is rather simple algorithm, a skilled coder (even a talented student) could easily do a bot like that and it would be almost as effective as human.
    • Laegooose
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      SSS is not easy to program, as it seems. Even newcomer's postflop play depends on rival's playing style, board cards and betting history and sizes. There very many different boards (high connected/gapped, suited, 1, 2 high, paired/tripped). Also in NLH we have different sizes of bets.
    • Puciek
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      You may skip board texture alltogether for low-limit sss bot, flop play would be similar to:
      Someone bets ?
      No - ALLIN
      Yes - if hit something, allin, if missed - fold.

      For low limits that should be profitable in longer run, even tho it's illegal, i don't mind some theory crafting.
      Also writing bot that will analyze texture flop is not that hard either, it would even make better ev+ moves than player because of perfect calculations.
      Also implementing reads is not that hard at all, save how they played hands and then set ranges for TAG/LAG/FISH players and make other set of ai against every single of them.
    • heartburn13
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      I played at the Grosvenor British tour and my table bots was a subject, one of the pros admitted to using a bot at pp, he did get caught, and after a big discussion they agreed to let him have the 7k he was in front, and I am not sure but I don't think he got banned but this was a couple of years back. So yes classed as cheating, and yes profitable.
      don't know if ant of your remember gamblerholic on PP we all thought it was a bot don't know if anyone found out, but it kept winning wsop packages