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    • AlexandruSavu
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      Hey i cant confirm my adress because i dont recieve any bill on my name if u know what i mean. i mean im living with my parents and everythiung is "on theyr name " so only they recieve bills and stuff. Is there othere way to confirm my adress?

      Thank you , Marius
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    • pogodon
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      maybe send a ticket and tell them your circumstance but i'm not sure im just specualating
    • EagleStar88
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      Originally posted by pogodon
      maybe send a ticket and tell them your circumstance but i'm not sure im just specualating

      Hi AlexandruSavu,

      Yes, as pogodon has indicated, if you drop the support team a note with your issue, they will advise what you need to do.

      They will try to arrange for other documentation wherever possible, but they will of course need some form of confirmation of your address from an official source.

      Welcome to the community, look forward to seeing you active in due course.

      Best regards,

    • Nikolivic
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      The same situation applies for me until i move to uni next year, they dont need specificically a bill, i sent a photo of my driving liscence, or you could use a passport, or any i.d
    • cjchalmers
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      hey man .. I'm presuming a good quality copy of your driving license would be more than adequate (as long as it is clear.)

      What about an examination results letter .. i mean that's pretty official...

      Surely you have a bank account ... what about a statement?....

      I'm presuming with my above examples you can black out bits of info that they don't need / you don't want to give ....

      e.g. sort code/account number/candidate number ....

      Hopefully you get this sorted :)
    • Hadi
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      Hey there,

      while you may do a trial and error, you should simply follow the advice to contact our customer support directly via the link in Barts post :)

      They will know what documents are needed - they're the ones examining them after all ;)