Well im allready posting my blog at pokernews so i can post it here aswell.

Back to Tilt

So yesterday i started to play on full tilt again. I only played 2 MTT`s but they where more like STG`s because there where only like 20 entrys in each of them.

Both tournys started very good i dobbled up early and took the lead in both tournys. The tournys where both sattelites one to FTOPS #13 and the other 750k guarranted. The FTOPS #13 only 1st gave entrance to the event. In the 750k 1st and 2th gave entrance. I played pretty stedy in both the MTT`s and got to the Final table in both. When we where down to 4 players in both the tournys. I was short on chips in the 750k and i made a push on the button with 7-7 and got called by A-A and K-K and i did not get lucky so i went on my head and ass out of that one.

It went a little better in the FTOPS #13 sattelite where i was heads-up with a stack of 23k chips against 7k.
I took him down with a flush and won 322$ so a nice start on tilt

Testing NL10 Rush at tilt

Have been testing out the Rush cash-games at full-tilt the past 3 days.
I have tried playing 2 and 4 tables at NL10 i have played a couple of hours and 4500 hands.
Its seems very easy to beat this limit , and the players at rush seems to be looser and it looks like they like to donate away their money.

NL10 Rush + FTOPS Event #11
So i have managed to beat NL10 Rush and i can move on to a higher limit im not sure if im going to play NL25 Rush,NL25SH or just regular NL25. I migth play some more rush becuase you get to see alot of hands over a shorter periode of time then you would get to see if you play regular tables. You also get alot of action playing rush people call really loose and that helps when you got a nice hand.

So if any of you got any suggestions write a comment or PM me?

FTOPS Event #11

I freerolled this MTT. The tournament started like any other tournament. I sat and waited for about 25 hands when i got {q-Clubs}{q-Hearts} in UTG+2. I raised to 4BB and got insta shove from MP he sat with 1180 chips it got folded around to the BB and he re-shoved with his 4315 stack. I had a stack of 5000 and by calling them i would not be out but i would be really crippled. I had stats on both players and their VPIP was 55-80%. So i decided to call

UTG+2 shows {8-Clubs}{j-Clubs}
BB shows{a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

Flop comes {8-Hearts}-{2-Spades}-{8-Spades}

Turn {a-Hearts}

River {9-Diamonds}

And i was sitting with 600ish chips and i pushed with some Ax got called and went out.

Would you guys play this hand any other way ?