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[NL2-NL10] NL10 A5o against reg, JJJ board

    • Pichux
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 318
      ***** Hand History for Game 2390117558 ***** (IPoker)
      $10.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, August 13, 06:59:11 ET 2010
      Table Huvil (Real Money)
      Seat 8 is the button
      Seat 1: poquer85 ( $10.66 USD )
      Seat 3: andirey ( $9.00 USD )
      Seat 5: matchstick17 ( $10.55 USD )
      Seat 6: cristianatb ( $0.00 USD )
      Seat 8: Piters1990 ( $10.20 USD )
      andirey posts small blind [$0.05 USD].
      matchstick17 posts big blind [$0.10 USD].
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Piters1990 [ A :club: 5 :diamond: ]
      Piters1990 raises [$0.35 USD]
      andirey calls [$0.30 USD]
      matchstick17 folds
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ J :heart: , 4 :diamond: , 5 :heart: ]
      andirey checks
      Piters1990 bets [$0.60 USD]
      andirey calls [$0.60 USD]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ J :club:]
      andirey checks
      Piters1990 bets [$1.50 USD]
      andirey calls [$1.50 USD]
      ** Dealing River ** [ J :diamond: ]
      andirey checks
      Piters1990 checks

      Villain 24/20/5.2 on 300h sample

      I think that my check on the river is ok. with reg TAGs i except him to hold a PP 90% of the time, hes flatting pre. Any advise on the bet sizing on flop/turn maybe?
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    • yeahyoung0312
      Joined: 16.12.2009 Posts: 340
      Maybe check turn is better? It's hard to sell a J on the turn and 99 is not folding there.
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      I'd just check back the flop unless you're ready to get yourself onto marginal call down situations. The truth is the hands you beat that he'll continue with on that flop are flushdraws, which he will most likely raise thinking you have a random whiffed Ax/KQ or the likes, which means unless you think he's capable of value-raising Jx there, you actually need to call a raise with your pair of fives after c-betting, which is always ugly on the flop when villain follows through and you realize you're about to call down with your weak pair. Of course you can bet/fold the flop but knowing you're often ahead it's really gross to do so.

      So until you're ready to make such plays, it's usually better when there is little value in betting the flop to begin with to just check it back and keep your equity in the pot, even if sometimes it means he'll hit an overcard on you.

      As played the value is even thinner on the turn so I'd check behind. If villain was a fish likely to c/c c/c with draws instead of c/r the flop like that guy probably would, it would be a better valuebet.

      Hope it helps.