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[NL2-NL10] NL10 KQs 2nd barrel on draw heavy board

    • Pichux
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 318
      ***** Hand History for Game 2390131586 ***** (IPoker)
      $10.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, August 13, 07:10:44 ET 2010
      Table Sanjak (Real Money)
      Seat 6 is the button
      Seat 1: dimasich ( $10.00 USD )
      Seat 3: Piters1990 ( $10.00 USD )
      Seat 5: astrapot ( $10.00 USD )
      Seat 6: YCLN ( $20.42 USD )
      Seat 8: TheAggroRUS ( $11.50 USD )
      Seat 10: marja1985 ( $21.09 USD )
      TheAggroRUS posts small blind [$0.05 USD].
      marja1985 posts big blind [$0.10 USD].
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Piters1990 [ K :diamond: Q :diamond: ]
      dimasich folds
      Piters1990 raises [$0.35 USD]
      astrapot folds
      YCLN calls [$0.35 USD]
      TheAggroRUS folds
      marja1985 folds
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ 6 :club: , 3 :diamond: , 9 :club:]
      Piters1990 bets [$0.70 USD]
      YCLN calls [$0.70 USD]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ A :diamond: ]
      Piters1990 bets [$1.40 USD]

      Villain 26/18/1.2 on 230h big sample size

      I think that my cbet on the flop is questionable, because the board is with some draws. I don't see a straight-draw here very often, but a FD is pretty much possible. When he calls the flop, i assumed that it could be a FD or some PP...I was kinda scared when the A came out on the turn, but since it was a diamond i decided to continue with a 2/3 sized bet...I think if its not a diamond i would still bet, maybe a bit smaller...Is that line ok? :f_grin:
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    • yeahyoung0312
      Joined: 16.12.2009 Posts: 340
      Why did you cbet and cbet that much?

      Cbet itself might be fine but IMO the bet size was off. I would bet around 1/2 pot. With a inflated pot like this it's much more difficult for u to make a move on the turn than with a smaller pot.

      With a smaller pot, say of $1.7, u can just check/call turn, or even try a check raise semi bluff. Say u check, villain bet $1, u can raise to $2.2. With this line, you can represent a lot of strength.

      With then current line, you represents much less strength. Fine if the villain folds turn. But sucks if a raise comes.

      OOP and without a hand it's better to control the pot size very carefully.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      yeah, barreling turn is fine
      you gained more equity and also he is folding now some pp-s that called on the flop
      I think you can also make smaller bet sizes like 2/3 pot, then you don´t have to risk too much on your bluffs although betting pot gives you very good fold equity :)
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      This isn't a board where c-betting will show a big profit for you, you can only fold out hands that don't have any sort of pair or draw, and to fold out those hands you usually don't need to bet pot. By lowering your c-bet size you lower the % of the time villain needs to fold to make it a profitable play. I'd bet around 3/5 by default and sometimes just give it up if I know villain is somewhat of a pain in the ass when he has position.

      As played the turn is pretty standard with the nut redraw, the A is scary enough for all the pairs that peeled your c-bet on the flop. Of course if he made two pairs or he had the Ac he won't fold, but that's a small part of the range he can call the flop c-bet with.

      If it wasn't the Ad it would be trickier, since then you have relatively little hope of improving to the best hand on the river, which means villain needs to straight up fold on the turn a lot more often to justify you betting as a bluff. It's probably still okay against tightish player that will just release < 9x without thinking twice about it, but it's a lot closer to being a simple check/fold. If you're willing to bluff high carded / blank rivers as well you can make it profitable assuming villain can fold 9x hands to 3 barrels, which might or might not be the case depending on the player. I'd say this one probably can based solely on his stats tho.

      Hope it helps.