[NL2-NL10] NL10 67s, failed steal/c-bet

    • Pichux
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      ***** Hand History for Game 2390151538 ***** (IPoker)
      $10.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, August 13, 07:26:49 ET 2010
      Table Sanjak (Real Money)
      Seat 3 is the button
      Seat 1: dimasich ( $10.30 USD )
      Seat 3: Piters1990 ( $11.18 USD )
      Seat 5: astrapot ( $10.00 USD )
      Seat 6: YCLN ( $21.47 USD )
      Seat 8: TheAggroRUS ( $11.45 USD )
      Seat 10: moshinmors ( $10.00 USD )
      astrapot posts small blind [$0.05 USD].
      YCLN posts big blind [$0.10 USD].
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Piters1990 [ 6 :heart: 7 :heart: ]
      TheAggroRUS folds
      moshinmors folds
      dimasich folds
      Piters1990 raises [$0.35 USD]
      astrapot folds
      YCLN calls [$0.25 USD]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ J :spade: , A :diamond: , T :heart: ]
      YCLN checks
      Piters1990 bets [$0.50 USD]
      YCLN calls [$0.50 USD]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ 3 :diamond: ]
      YCLN checks
      Piters1990 checks
      ** Dealing River ** [ 5 :diamond: ]
      YCLN checks
      Piters1990 checks

      Villain 26/18/1.2 on 230h big sample size

      Just a bunch of questions here...
      1) Is cbet ok?
      2)Continue with 2nd barrel?
      3)If 2nd barrelled, continue on the river?
      4)If missed the 2nd barrel, show any agression on the river?
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    • Duudalinja
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      1) I think cbetting is fine, because you may force him fold some pocket pairs and other marginal hands that doesn't catch anything on that flop but are still better than your holding.
      This has some value if he doesn't call with anything every time. 230 hands should be enough to already make some conclusions about his cbet calling frequency.

      2) I wouldn't 2nd barrel against stations. If he called flop he may call with draws he still has, he may call with Ax or even Jx, but you don't have space to improve. I like 2nd barreling at least as semi-bluff, because I don't usually count on those players possibility to fold anything unless I really have a read he's calling a lot of cbets and folding to a lot of turn bets.

      3) He could have missed Kx/Qx hands at this point, but he may still have hands he won't let go anyway, so if you made that 2nd barrel bluff you may give a shot again if you believe he can fold something, but seeing hands with which they are able to blindly call any bets I tend to let it go as it may just become too expensive for you to try get him off the draws while he's calling with Ax/Jx just because he's doing it.

      4) I would let it go and c/f river.

      Good luck!
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Sounds good to me. You can c-bet less on the flop it won't matter against the hands you're trying to fold out. On the turn just give it up and if you want to barrel at him anyway, fire both turn and river, just firing the turn is purely burning money as he will call again with lots of his flop calling range, but he might fold some of this to 3 barrels.

      Hope it helps.