why is my rakeback so bad?

    • Escobario
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      i applied for XX [Edited by EagleStar88 - Please refrain from mentioning other affiliates, thx] rakeback and got it, i moved my roll to fulltilt.

      during the week (monday-friday) i payed $166 dollars of rake according to HEM, that should be netting for 44 dollars rakeback. i received 8 dollars rakeback....

      even if you assume the period of rakeback is friday-> thursday, i would have payed 146 dollars of rake, if you count it as monday -> wednesday (even tho i know this isnt the case, just for arguments sake) i would have payed $100 dollars in rake according to HEM.

      any idea what happened here? this is the first time iv played on fulltilt in ages. i have never ordered anything from the store, and am not clearing a bonus.
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