should i use re-buy and add-on option?

    • ramjack
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      a local poker club is hosting a MTT geared to attracting new players. Buy-in is $4 with starting chips set at 3000. each player is allowed to purchase a re-buy and add-on at $2 each with 4000 chips (a total of 8000 chips) anytime until the end of the half time (around 6 to 8 level). Blinds are set to increase every 15 minutes. prizes are: $80 for 1st; $60 for 2nd; and $40 for third.

      my question is: will i have significant advantage if i use the re-buy and add-on option? if yes, when should i exactly use it?
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    • cjchalmers
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      Hi .. can i just ask ... these prizes are fixed?

      The addition of re-buys and add-on doesn't change the prize pool?

      Which filthy beggar is pocketing that cash?

      I personally always take rebuy+addon tho i would be annoyed if it wasn't going to the prize pool...

      I'm presuming this tourney already has added value to attract new players?
    • Jehudas
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      u must buy addon at thos conditions
    • fuzzyfish
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      Not adding rebuys to the price pool uttery sucks!

      PS is currently running Nordic "freerolls" with rebuys. PS is "donating" the pretty solid prize pool of $4000. The thing is, rebuys ($1) are not added to the price pool. So these donks keep rebuying and rebuying... (did it myself once, but i thought at a time it was going to the price pool). So at the end of the tourney there was like 3000+ rebuys. Nice "freeroll" indeed.
    • ramjack
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      so far i have not seen the prizes change. and there are usually around 30 players playing on 3 tables. i did win 2nd place in the tourney once without using re-buy and add-on. but if you will tell me that using rebuy and addon will significantly increase my chances, then maybe i will.
    • Cardbender
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      rebuy and addon

      12$ your there to win and for the fun of the game so give your self the best opportunity to do so!

      I would also avoid tourneys that the prizes don't increase after rebuys/addon. unless 1st gets a bi into a bigger event etc, which i have seen.