Are SNGs harder to master than NL cash?

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      I've been playing $1-2 sngs, watching videos and reading the articles. My BR right now is around $76. I reached $100, was so happy then crashed back to $60 and grinded back to this...

      I took a break and studied more after the downsing and it gave me a better perspective.

      I want to know if sngs are much tougher to learn then NL BSS since you have the different fases and ICM to learn. I understood ICM after struggling and doing a lot of research. But I'm sloooow at doing math in my head and everybody says you have to spend hours studying ICM and analyzing hands to get good at sngs... I also cannot afford to buy any software right now (Would buy if I made money with poker) and don't want to let this hobby take over my life but really want to build my BR and improve over time.
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      I don't think much about ICM. instead I just burnt it into my head. its instinctual at this point for me. I never think solidly about the numbers. I learnt it through situations instead.

      I did it by:

      - posting hands in the hand forums

      - quiz mode in SnG wizard. ( A LOT ) on all difficulties.

      I will refresh myself via sng wizard once a week and make sure i'm up to scratch.

      I think with sng wiz sngs are a lot easier to learn via cash,and I would always recommend it to beginners as I believe the learning curve is a lot less steep.
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      Are SNGs harder to master than NL cash?