Aren't 30 buy ins too little to play SSS?

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    • Tampaloeres81
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      Yes swings of 10+ BI are very common. Depends on the edge you have and if you are willing to move down fast.

      NL50+ I would recommend 50 BI so you can comfortably adjust to the new limit.

      Of course you can always mix in a few tables of the higher limit, especially if you've spotted some juicy fish :f_biggrin:

    • tokyoaces
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      If you always move down then it is enough. If you want a cushion so you don't have to drop down then obviously you'll have to have more.

      There's a way to calculate how many you need, but if you want a 99% chance of never going broke you just end up with a rather large bankroll requirement. Which is a long way of saying all BRM strategies need to include moving down.