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      Hello! I've been playing texas holdem for about 5 or 6 years now, at first It really didn't interest me much as I assumed that it was a complicated game and hard to master. And it is. But in the past 3 years I've really embraced the game and found that although I'm not the best player around, I had natural talent for the game even with little knowledge of the outs and odds and basic knowledge of poker (as I have recently discovered) I still had normally reached points and final tables in the local freeroll. Perhaps it's the whole glamourisation of the game but all I knew was those times where I played a tight game of poker and won were one of the sweetest feelings that I could feel and having other poker players fear my ability is also a great ego boost, maybe they were just inflating my confidence to lure me into traps but in most cases I played well into my ability and only bust out when I break the rules.
      I've always accepted my mistakes and a firm believer of learning from them. It might sound bad but I've just about made every mistake you can make as a player and some even multiple times but I found the more mistakes I make the less likelyhood of me making it again to the point now where I have a well refined game of tight and aggresive.
      I now realise that beating a few inexperinced locals in a pub poker freeroll ain't all that flashy as a bragging rite, although it does bring out any local that does have knowledge of the game and pokerstar wannabes. I doubt that the tiny little town of adelaide is any breeding ground for poker proffesionals but that guy Jonathan watshisname from fulltilt and I think Joe Hachem may have been from here as well, o.k. so I'm not the most well informed when it comes to poker related news. I would much rather live poker than read about someone elses poker life. Though don't get me wrong, they are a real inspiration and absolute proof that with true grit,dedication and determination, anybody can make it in poker.
      Being a bit of a dinosaur and more hands on type of person I am, I've only recently caved in to the over whelming fact that I need a computer or I will be left behind by everyone else if I don't. So now I discover the world of internet freeroll. Boy have I been spanked and quite regularly, You would think I loved the taste of defeat as I fell into one trap after another. As I stare stunned in silence at a computer screen. I didn't think I was that much of a fish. I love playing poker but this, I was not loving.
      I stumble onto Pokerstrategy which is how I find anything on the net. I'm an online fish as well, I know I got my work cut out for me if I want to be a succesfull poker player but so far I have dedicated a lot of time learning the game and watching all your instructional videos... Well as much as I can without giving up work, I'm on silver as well as I have reffered a friend so have a bit more access to the videos. I will invest some money in poker to get more access to your strategy forums, but as I have realised recently that when it comes to online poker, I'm a tiny lost little anchovie in a world of sharks. So shoving money on a table is out of the question as it is as good as gone when the sharks are circling. I'm not in the habit of losing. When I find that I'm not the hotstuff I thought I was, I've increased my dedication to the game I love into educating myself to the finer points poker. When I can I go through the videos multiple times to drill the odds and outs and scenarios which one encounters in a game in head.
      So far, of course I have greatly improved as a player. I've even won myself a Lamborghini freeroll ticket which I will play very early in the morning, i think about 4:30 in the morning but you can bet that I am going to be wide awake and focused. I know if I stay focused, play a tight and aggressive game and at times some begginers luck, I have just as much chance as anybody in the world.
      I dont know, what do you think? Am I just dreaming? I mean I'm not even familiar with the poker tools that proffessionals use, I mean not yet anyways. Poker has always been a positive experience for me. I bring my attitude to life in my game. I'm a fierce but fair competitor. I'm not about cheating a poor sucker out of a few bucks but more a believer of may the better man win. Poker has only benefited my life, from a few lucky draws at the casino, to the discipline and patience learned from the game I intigrate in my life. Knowledge is strenghth and since I'm a gym junkie and a concretor, I'm plenty strong already. Now just got to train the brain, slow going but getttin there. As we say in Australia " you'll never ever know if you never ever go.
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