PokerStars doesnt give me a break, not even fora a day

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      Hello guys.
      I play SSS.
      I pleyed at ongame,but they changed their min BI to 35BI, so I went grinding on Stars.
      I play 9 table NL10, and noticed that cycle at pokerstatars repete itself dailly.
      I have or extremly good run, or extremly hard Bad beat.
      It goes sometihng like this :

      I have downswing of 7 BI, come back at night, lose 5BI on horrible cards(my KK vs A4o lost against flush, doubled up AA vs 22, lost..)
      Next day same story.
      So I am 40$ short thats 20BI.
      Day after I am having extremly good run of +15$ in one and +7 in second session.
      Day after end 1000 hands in +2$, pretty fair.
      As soon as I thought that my skills are comming out and things are more stable, I got 10BI downswing.
      Cracked 4x with AA, 2 x with KK, 1xQQ, 1xJJ, 1x99.
      I even made mistakes and shoved 2x with AT which didnt come under the radar,so offcourse I lost that ones too.

      After serious of bad beats, lost coinflips I am a little scared to play on PS anymore.
      I am thinking to take that little of money what is left to me and go on ongame and play microstakes BSS.

      It simply doesnt make sense to me anymore.

      Whats your opinon.

      At least one good thing out of everything is that I dont tillt anymore,nore lose my nerves.
      I eat it and go lose some more money with strong pocket pair -lol

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