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      Hi guys, over here I will be updating my poker blog and career.

      August 14th, 2010:

      I started with PokerStrategy's $50 bankroll.
      Session lasted 2 hours, and I played heads up Omaha H/L for $2.20. I won a few and lost a few, but overall the play seemed weak.
      I moved on to Omaha H/L .25/.5 rush poker (never tried rush) - and it really was a rush! A bunch of fish and I got to $150, but then I drowned myself and got a bit unlucky, to end the session at $110.

      This seems like a good game, so I'll test it out a bit more here and there- if I see that I can't beat it, I'll have stricter BR management, but for now the game there seems pretty loose (postflop).

      August 15th, 2010:

      .25/.5 PLO/8 Starting stack $110
      I played a 2.5 hour session.

      In the beginning I usually try to see how the players are going, but as i'm playing the rush tables, it's harder to track. I'm playing for the scoop, and tight/aggressive but occasionally stealing pots with good wrap connectors or lo wrap connectors (i.e. 2345- 4567, 8910J and up, none of the middles).

      On my 5th hand I was dealt A2JJ and it was a limped pot.
      Flop: KJ2... turn- 2...

      Long story short I got stacked vs KK :(

      I was down only $40 since I won $10 at the other table (yes a large part of my BR)

      I kept playing and was slowly watching my stack grow- I lost a bad beat or two along the way, but mostly the game was easy- the first hand was the only one that really kicked, but not much I could have done.

      I ended the session at $160 - I was up to $190, but I had the lo with 2 pair and lost $30 to a lo with a straight (quartered)... which is when I ended the session.
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    • fryandspicy
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      I think playing .25/.5 blinds with your bankroll is pretty much suicide. That gives you 1 buy in, right? Two seeing as you won today. So if you end up going all in with the second nuts and the nuts calls (or rivers) you you're buggered.
    • EmanuelC16
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      Omaha H/L is a limit game and he has 100BB for the .25/.5 limit. This is still a bit on the risky side but not as much as you think fryandspicy. :)
    • theincrediblebulk
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      I hear what you're saying, but this is a game that I can beat.

      I had only 1 buyin in the beginning, but I won $10 from HU and decided to put in $20 (the minimum)- when I realized the game was fairly easy.

      I'm up to $160.

      FYI, this is PLO/8, not NL, so good pot control can come into use (both for big and small pots).

      So right now I'm at 3 buyins- I just need to win another 22 buyins to correctly justify this, right? ;)

      As soon as I see that the game gets harder I will move down to a different game- but as it's rush, and I can a) be more selective and b) have most opponents unable to catch my style of play since every hand you're up against different players, I'll take advantage for now.