Hello from Portugal!

    • Monarc2010
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      So I am new to this site and I am excited that I found it. My 50$ just cleared and I am a little nervous about starting!

      I been playing online poker since Feb and been logging in about 40 hours or more on a weekly basis since that time. I try not to go over the 40 hours now. (unemployed) This means lots and lots of fustrating freerolls.

      In that time I have learned most of the lessons they teach on here in the bronze section and of course still make my mistakes! Overplaying pairs, fishing for the straights and flushs, and of course this one i dont see too often posted getting so rapped up on the betting that i dont realize there is a potential flush and or straight on the board and get zinged with it in the end.

      Been reading the boards and watchig videos, not too much at once because then you dont learn anything..information over load is a bad thing!
      I play on most of the major sites and i got to the point where i can make it into the money on about 75% of the time, problem is usually so short stacked that i dont make it to the final table. On the accations I do and here is my sob story go all in with AA and the big stack decides he will give it a go and goes all in with me with 2-3 and hits the pair of 2's and 3's to bust me out...this one stung for about a week or more since it was my first final table. I just could not understand why someone would sacrifice half his stack at a final table with a 2-3... sometimes makes you wonder do the sites help out thelarge stacks going up against the small stacks just to move the games a long! Sure seems that way.

      Well i look forward to seeing some of you at the tables and hopefully in some live tournaments.....playing for the big bucks!

      My screen names for all the major sites is usually the same on i have on here! Good luck everyone!
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Monarc2010 and welcome to the community, it's good to see you.

      We also have a Portugese language community if you wanted to check that out too. You are of course more than welcome to stay in the English community or hey... why not check out both regularly ;)

      Wishing you every success with your poker and look forward to seeing you around the forums in due course.

      Best regards & welcome once again,