Sss 25!!!!!!!

    • majk24
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      hy...have 1 question...when i got 25 bb do I have to go off the table emediatelly or i wait bb to come....end 1 more question...what heppends if comes some hand that i should play according to SSS chart,and i have just menaged to "collect" mine 25 i continue to play it like the chart says???? position...dealers button....i raise ,somebody calls,i bet....other player folds...and i have lets say 3 $(30 blinds) do i wait BB to come and then go off or do i do it emediatelly...??
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    • MrRaupE
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      don't leave the table immediateley when you got 25bb, wait for the next blinds because you have paid for this orbit

      and if you got a hand according to the SHC it is your own decision which hands you want to play, for example QQ+ I would always play and hands like 77-99 or AJ/KQ you can fold if you have problems to play postflop with them

      general every hand of the SHC can be played +EV with more than 25BB, but i think i depends on your skill