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    • andreibalint
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      No, but there is a bigger "amount" of luck involved. Let me explain.

      Basically the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. For example if you invest with 99.99% certainty you'll make a bank deposit and make 2-4% profit per year.

      If you have a 50% chance to loose everything and 50% chance to triple up, on the long run you'll double your investment, but it's more risky on the short term.

      MTT's are the second ones (not the exact figures, of course). That is you assume a greater risk to have a bigger reward.

      A good MTT player (non turbo) makes 50%-100% profit on his money (even more) on the long run.

      I have to agree however there is some sort of "medium term luck" involved when climbing limits. You go play MTT's and have a 1000 games breakeven stretch (they do happen) and go nowhere for months, i go play 10 of them win huge, climb the next limit, win huge and climb the next limit.

      So if we were both playing 1$ MTT's and we both play the same you are left frustrated for going nowhere or losing (a lot) while i am now playing 10$ MTT's and doind quite well...

      But for a beginner i strongly recommend 1 table SNG's.
    • HannesZ
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      The variance in a multi table tournament is much higher than in a single table tournament. Thanks to andreibalint who already explained this.

      So important for you is, that you need to have a more conservative bankroll management. For MTTs we recommend at least 100 buy-ins to minimize the risk of ruin.

      See also our article: MTT Bankroll Management

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    • BCShad0w
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      Start at your single tables and work yourself up... Your'll even see in your 90-180 man SnGs that luck is a "skill" as I've seen a few people say in the chats. Haha.

      Because my main game is SnG [or at least going that way], if I win at least $10 in a day, I'll allow myself to enter one $1 MTT. $20 to a $2 and so forth. While I do this however, I dont increase my SnG limit...So say, if I win $20, I dont go up to the $2 of SnGs etc.

      I stick to my limit =].

      I like to see that MTT or MTTs in a day as abit of experience or a break, while still playing seriously, however I know that MTTs arnt my first game, but SnGs are =]. They're just different.

      Good luck with your MTTs if you decide to go play them =].

    • andreibalint
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      Don't want to scare you but the following thing happened to me a few days ago:

      I played MTT's for 3 hours at 12 tables, i only cashed in 2 of them the minimum after the bubble (less then double). Result: - 30 buy-ins. So you need huge cohones to say the least :f_biggrin: