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How many satellites should I play?

    • alenstrat
      Joined: 13.03.2009 Posts: 821
      In my latest poker endevour, I'm trying to be successful playing MTT only now. Quit cash and then SNG, before I was playing a mix of all three at the same time.

      How many satellites should someone that's dedicating himself to MTT's only play a day?

      Does anyone have any rules/guidelines/guidance?

      I was thinking of playing 1 sat a day of the tourneys I'd like to play and which do have satellites. Because for example for the ones that have more then 1 sat a day, or SNG sats that fill in constantly I think playing more then one a day would defeat the purpose. Then I should be playing SNG instead of sats if I were to grind profitable sats. :f_confused: :f_confused:

      Although for example I've seen Chenny playing a bunch of Sunday 500 sats in his Sunday coachings.

      And another related question. For example, I found some really soft satellites, for high buyin tourneys. The satellite is in my BR range, but the tournament itself isn't. What does everyone do in this type of situation? Be nitty and use the tourney $ for tourneys in your buyin or take the chance for a shot at a higher buyin tourney? Or maybe something intermediate, like once a week use the ticket you win for a shot?
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    • pils3
      Joined: 10.01.2007 Posts: 2,010
      Im not quite sure if im getting you right..

      You should always play, what is (or seems) most profitable. So if you think you can make the most money by playing sunday-milion-sats and sell the won seats, do this and play as many sats as you can.
      If your BR is sufficient for the sats, but too small for the actual tourneys, you should definetly not be playing all the tourneys, you win sats for.

      When my BR was too small to buy in directely for a 215$ mtt I used to play regular 10-20$ games weekdays, 10$ sats on sunday morning/afternoon and then the majors I managed to win seats for, like the warmup, brawl etc.

      So the possibilities are:
      1) play sats only and sell all (or at least most) of the tickets you win
      2) play regular games on your limit and selected sats to try to eventually cash big.