[NL2-NL10] AJ from SB AI

    • Sinnology
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      Please evaluate :

      $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem
      8 Players
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      UTG er-kan001 ($2.28)
      UTG+1 fisz27 ($3.07)
      MP1 karlosV777 ($6.74)
      MP2 AndrewTilt ($1.70)
      CO Tatyana_5 ($3.02)
      BTN ALEXANDROY ($5.23)
      SB TimharAKQ ($3.43)
      BB Hero ($2)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15, 8 players) Hero is BB J:heart: A:heart:
      er-kan001 calls $0.10, 4 folds, ALEXANDROY calls $0.10, 1 fold, Hero goes all-in $2, er-kan001 goes all-in $2.28, ALEXANDROY folds

      I had 3 limers so pushing AI is standard play from SHC, and 2 limpers in EPs were TAGish and BBs VPIP over 10hands was 100%.
      He actually called with 7Qs.
      Still would like to hear some opinions.

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    • Tampaloeres81
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      What's wrong with my eyes? I only count 2 limpers ?(

      If he was TAGish he wouldnt limp/call Q7s :D Sample error?

      TAGish players limp small PP's and SC's from UTG (they shouldnt because they should raise it first in, but they still do it :P )
      They don't get the odds to call your shove (since your range is stronger than their range), so they should limp/fold most of their hands, so pushing is +++EV.
      If they call you have a flip ;) OR your up against a monster :f_biggrin:

      So pushing is ok, makes life easy.

    • Gerv
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      I do not see 3 limpers o.O but shoving preflop is fine with 2+ limpers, with 3+ it is mandatory

      And TAGs dont limp/call with Q7s for 20bb as far as I know :P so it might be a sample error as said before ;)

      Best regards,