best sites for bonus whoring (the biggest rakeback)

    • wtfdude
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      I was wondering what are the best poker site for fdb whoring? I just cleared my 600$ fdb on fulltilt with only 1254 rake..

      1254-600=654 (bonuses are deducted from rakeback)
      654*0,27 = 176,6 (amount after deduction)

      total rakeback after 1254$ raked is 600 + 176,6 = 776,6 = 62%!!

      So.. Now Im looking for some new site. I have also some interesting rb deals like 55% on ipoker etc.. but I think there might be some 60+% rb (with fdb) like on ftp.. Any tips?
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    • HannesZ
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      Hi wtfdude,

      PartyPoker and Everest Poker are quite good.

      On PartyPoker the first deposit bonus is 40% plus VIP system and promotions. So you should easily have more than 50%.

      On Everest Poker the FDB is up to 60% (depends on what you play: cashgame sh/fr/hu or tournaments).

      If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask.

      Good luck,