[NL2-NL10] NL10 sh 88

    • tomzs
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      $0.05/$0.1 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)

      Known players:
      MP2 (Hero):

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with 8, 8.
      Hero raises to $0.40, 2 folds, BU calls $0.40, SB calls $0.35, BB calls $0.30.

      Flop: ($1.6) 8, J, Q (4 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $1.14, BU calls $1.14, SB folds, BB calls $1.14.

      Turn: ($5.02) 9 (3 players)
      BB checks, Hero checks, BU checks.

      River: ($5.02) 9 (3 players)
      BB bets $8.46, Hero calls $8.46, BU folds.

      Final Pot: $21.94.

      BB (24/21/2.6/243hands)
      BU (76/31/1.5/79hands)

      should i bet on turn to get value from fdraws and 2pair hands? and what if i get raised, should i call or fold?

      what about a river call? i beat here straight, bluff and busted FD and loose to JJ, QQ and J9, Q9(which is less probable cause his coldcall range was pretty tight)
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    • Kaitz20
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      I would also check back turn, since you have showdown value and b/f turn would be quite bad with set, so I think better to take free card
      As played: i´m calling river overbet shove
      Don´t see him having there 99/JJ/QQ/Q9/j9/98 that often that you should consider folding your boat