Is it even possible to run positive non-SD winnings on micro-stakes???

    • blackops888
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      Hey guys... I was looking at my ever falling non-SD winnings line on NL5 and began wondering what I could do in order to make it go up. As far as I know, non-SD winnings can be improved by agression and by pushing people out of pots. Nice... but is it possible to do that on micro-stakes, especially when we try our best on table selection in order to have a lot of fish around? Whenever I see myself with a marginal hand and a fish on the pot (especially heads-up) I'd rather go for pot control and way ahead/way behind than inflating the pot with bluff bets that won't have any effect on most occasions.

      Fish don't fold too often, so I try to play a bit tighter than I'd like in order to hit good boards and go for value bets. It makes me think that trying to have positive non-SD winnings is quite useless on the micros.

      You guys agree?
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