[NL2-NL10] NL10 KQ, paired tt board against aggro

    • Pichux
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      ***** Hand History for Game 2396377952 ***** (IPoker)
      $10.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, August 18, 08:22:14 ET 2010
      Table Difiz (Real Money)
      Seat 10 is the button
      Seat 1: M0netenfuchs ( $14.55 USD )
      Seat 3: Gaivers ( $22.91 USD )
      Seat 5: vierr26 ( $3.65 USD )
      Seat 6: BigPitKos ( $11.59 USD )
      Seat 8: dimasich ( $9.55 USD )
      Seat 10: Piters1990 ( $10.45 USD )
      M0netenfuchs posts small blind [$0.05 USD].
      Gaivers posts big blind [$0.10 USD].
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Piters1990 [ K :spade: Q :heart: ]
      vierr26 folds
      BigPitKos folds
      dimasich folds
      Piters1990 raises [$0.35 USD]
      M0netenfuchs raises [$1.05 USD]
      Gaivers folds
      Piters1990 calls [$0.75 USD]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ 3 :diamond: , 3 :spade: , Q :diamond: ]
      M0netenfuchs bets [$1.15 USD]
      Piters1990 raises [$3.70 USD]
      M0netenfuchs calls [$2.55 USD]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ 9 :diamond: ]
      M0netenfuchs checks
      Piters1990 checks
      ** Dealing River ** [ T :spade: ]
      M0netenfuchs checks
      Piters1990 bets [$5.65 USD]

      Villain: 26/24/2.4 84h big sample

      Worst hand today IMO. Called his 3-bet because his stat was 20.8...On the flop, despite everything i raise his donk, which he calls. Got no idea whats happening, but still don't give him much credit because of the enormouse 3-bet stat. Now i think that i should've shipped it on turn. The river is an enormous mistake, cause i really don't see any better hands to fold here (maybe except AQ), but at this limit its really questionable i think....Any advice?
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      I don't really mind your line until the river if you believe he's capable of getting suspicious of your flop raise. Otherwise just call the flop and reevaluate on the turn.

      As played on the turn flushdraws beat you and it has become even harder to call down with worse hands so barring history there is usually no more value in shoving it in there.

      Bigger problem on the river is I don't see worse hands calling either, except exactly KJ. Even if he bet/called the flop with Q9/QT/99/TT, those hands are ahead of you now and worse pocket pairs have to be pretty damn suspicious to call you down. So it's just a check back to see a showdown and find out whether the flush getting there on the turn cost you half his stack or saved you some money.

      Hope it helps.