50$ Capital into 200$

    • prutsersz
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      Played some, and today i started with a 3,30 6max MTT on FTP, 210 registerd and i became 1st, cashed out for 157$ it all happend very slow was shortstack most of the time then i won some big pots against a donk i became chipleader after that i had ups and downs, but with 6 people left (final table) i started to have a huge stack, won vs shortstacks ATo vs QQ flopped the A, J10s vs AQo riverd the flush.
      so only 3 left other player got owned fast by the other guy so we were heads up i had around 220k chips? and the other guy about 50k i had J8o he had JQo i raised he called flop xJx and he went all in turn made nothing and the river was the 8 :heart: . So i won my first big MTT, hope to win some more!.

      P.S sorry for bad english
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