Just another girl who thinks she can play poker :D

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      Hello everyone!

      I am 22 year old girl from Estonia. My boyfriend started to play online poker about 1,5 years ago, it was quite interesting to watch and then I learned the basics. Now in August, I thought what the hell and started to take poker more seriously. I have read a few pokerstrategy articles, have had a few sweat sessions with my friends (nl50 players taught me how to play :D ). Anyhoo.. right now I am playing NL2 and NL5 BSS and I quess that I'm doing quite good. In August I have played almost 2000 hands. I play about 2 hours every other day, mostly 3 tables at the same time. Playing just one table is too boring for me and I can't concentrate. :P
      I passed the quiz in spring, but I did not started to play seriously then. Right now I'm halfway to silver status. :D In small limits it is hard to earn a lot of strategy points.

      Of course I know that I am only a little fish :f_grin: to all bigger and smarter players, but I am really motivated to become a good player. :D In my opinion the gender does not matter ;)
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