heater ftw :D

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      Since I dont have a blog, and wont in the forseeable future, I figured Now is the time to brag and give a lil update to the community about how im doing. This is just a one off post and is pretty much open to discussion about any potentially related topic < not trolling :rolleyes: >

      ROI 25%

      $EV adjusted - 5%

      Really happy with my progress so far. hoping to hit 8% ROI in the near future, but considering im 10 tabling now , im not sure if thats even realistic. would love to hear from someone who knows!

      thats all the $2 turb sngs ive played so far . :D

      Ive gone from:

      -losing at sngs


      - crushing 2 tables

      => 4 tables

      => 6 tables

      => and now 10 tables :)

      props go to:

      - chenny8888 and Unam for sick coaching sessions :)

      - BRM :heart:

      - n1bbanna for his interesting chat via skype about my next potential venture ( STs)

      - Tim64, n1bbanna again, and a few others ( jbpatzer!) for their amusing and interesting blogs :f_biggrin:

      - Tableninja and 2 monitors :heart:
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