How to know if Im unlucky or bad?

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      Hey Guys,

      I got my 50$ starting capital and been playing 1$ and 2$ SNGs. Im down 15$. Ive read most of the articles and I have been playing poker for about a year now before playing online. I think im not a horrible player, I mean I dont think i've been making terrible calls but I just cant seem to win. I always make it third/fourth/fifth ish but once I enter the final stage Im always low on chips, around the starting amount and end up losing my all in. I also lost 4 SnGs with kings vs aces yesterday, witch is kind of depressing. Is this just bad luck or am I a bad poker player? How can I know what I'm doing wrong? Or is it just normal to lose a lot sometimes?


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      You are exact same copy of me :D . :f_cry:
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      Is this just bad luck or am I a bad poker player? How can I know what I'm doing wrong? Or is it just normal to lose a lot sometimes?

      Losing is just part of the game. You cannot be lucky all the time. All what matters is the process of decision making. Did you understand the situation right? Bet sizing? Reads? And so on... The result does not matter that much - you simply cannot predict an awful runner runner...
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      If you get it in with kings and they have aces that's just bad luck, not bad play.

      I'm pretty sure you can tell if you're a bad player or not depending on wether your making the right calls/folds in the correct spots.
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      probably the latter
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      dont limp (if you do it) Play aggressive and look in a chart what cards you should do it with. Be the one, who dominates the speed of the table (but be aware no to go in big pot against the nuts). That works for me ;)
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      guyz i know this is a dumb question , but still . playing poker for some time now but don't know all the terminology in english. what is runner runner ?
      and as for bad vs unlucky : just play more , and you'll get better at avoiding the unlucky moments , and you will improve your game form bad to better to good. ( general idea )
      some spots ( obviously ) can't be avoided like KK vs AA , happens to all , you just have to know when ur beat. takes lots and lots of practice to do this accurately.

      Just look at Daniel Negreanu for example.
      Can't remember wich tournament , he was at 10 player table , he actually called the correct hands for ALL players on the table. all of them where astounded. i mean , ofc it's a bit o luck but still to guess the cards of all the players on 1 tabel in the takes a lot of skill aswell..

      This is just imho :)