Hello all , my name is Märt and i started playing poker for about a year ago. It all started with home games with my friends as it started for most of you guys i think :) . One of my friends pointed out Pokerstrategy site and told me to pass a test and i get free starting roll , at first i was a pit of worried ( why would anyone give me free starting capital just for nothing ? ) - well i was wrong and got it like they promised this is where my "career" as a online poker player started. But it didnt last long because i had to take brake from it and finish my school to get my degree. I belive i didnt play for about 4 months- cashed out my bankroll 90$ dollars. I had time to read forums and strategys , and sometimes watched videos posted by players here. I also finished reading The Poker Blueprint by Tri Nguyen and Aaron Davis.
Now i have plan to start it all over , im currently working and when i got my first salary i deposited 125$ dollars to play at NL5 FR , il try to keep BRM 25-30BI before i move up and my goal is to deposite 125$ every month to get rolled for NL25. Also bought HEM this month. So il post a little graph not so much hands- cause i work and can only put in small volume , usually 4-5 table to keep it safe :)

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I consider my self a TAG maybe some say NIT ? 13,1/10,6 and Agg 5,04