Rush poker (full tilt) on the button

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      Hello everyone!

      I recently took a shot at Rush poker Cash game at Full tilt. Apart from being a very fast paced game it's unique in that a player faces a new table of opponents every hand so the whole 'reading your opponents' strategy goes out the window.

      I like it however, because you can approach it very mathematically and (good) math can't go wrong. Every hand you reconsider your position, stack sizes, odds etc..

      The problem I faced often was when on the button or in the blinds. In Rush there is A LOT of stealing and attempts to resteal. I'd say that 75% of the time there is a raise from the button.. now what to do if you're in the blinds with A10, AJ facing a raise from the button?

      Also, you'd see there is a lot of aggressive play from the blinds because many assume the button is just trying to take the blinds. One particular hand: I faced a reraise (from the SB) with AQ on the button. It went all in preflop and his AJ won.

      I think the range that you can open with from the blinds has to tighten up and even more so from the button.

      Any comments?

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