[NL2-NL10] JJ vs AK NL10

    • Trbst
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      NL10 Holdem 10 Handed

      I'm UTG with J :club: ,J :diamond: and raise to $0.40.
      UTG+1 Folds
      UTG+2 Calls
      MP1 Folds
      MP2 Folds
      MP3 raises to $0.70
      BU Folds
      SB Folds
      BB Folds
      I'm all In with $1.45 more
      UTG+2 Folds
      MP3 Calls and Shows A :diamond: ,K :heart:

      Flop: 2 :spade: ,5 :diamond: ,6 :diamond:
      Turn: 7 :diamond: ,
      River: T :diamond:

      MP3 Wins hand with Flush Ace High and I was left with a finger up my ...

      :) I guess there was nothing I could do because he was never gonna fold AK. As for the flush - bad luck i reckon.
      What do You guys think ?
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