Is here anybody who like to play sometimes a session on Poker Stars on the NL5 tables. Talk a litte bit about the game or other stuff. Like user to user coaching. You are bad at poker, I am a bad poker player, so we learn not that much of each other, but have a funny time,maybe.
My english isn`t that well so I talking like a illiterate is writting and my voice sounds with my headset a little bit wired. By the way. I must search for my headset. I am 21 years old and male, for sure male. I like the series how I met your mother. I am writting that, because I don`t wanna talk with a sixteen year old pc-nerd-geek-kiddy which go to laugh into the cellar. So if you`re 21+ and can handle my ability, 0190 sechsmal die Sechs, mit 99 Cent bist du dabei..., just kiddding, we could play poker and I learn a little bit english.