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    • TrevAI
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      I am new to poker played a few times get bad beat a lot enjoy sit and gos and bigger tournaments but luck is not my best element. I wondered if any of you guys had advice on how toget over tilt?

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    • Timo
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      Hey TrevAI,

      welcome to PokerStrategy.com - We are happy to have you on our site! You should forget thinking about luck - in the long run, it depends on whether you make the mathematically right decision or not. So always think in long term results - it helps you to get over a bad beat, because if you played the hand right, you know that you will profit from that action in the future.

      For example even if you have 90% equity, in 1 out of ten times you will lose - have this in your mind, and you will keep your cool when you lose preflo all-in AA against a guy who tinkers himself a straight with 26o :s_ugly:

      And always keep on studying:


      If you want to get better at poker, I can especially recommend the handevaluation-boards - they are a great and efficient way to improve your poker-skill while learning proactive!

      Hope to see your hands there :)