normal to turbo 9-man FR

    • maikii23
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      After a unlucky attempt to beat 5$ sng's I'm back to 2$ to rebuild my BR. Till know I played only normal speed FR tables, but know I want to try out turbo to save my time while rebuilding of course if I could handle turbo ones..
      So I would like to know, should I change my play in early/middle phase - play more hands because blinds are rising much faster or stick to my tight early play?

      Thanks & GL on tables :)
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    • PokerAddict36
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      Hi, you play them the same, you just get earlier to the push / fold fase. So your ICM understanding should be good en properly trained with SnG wizzard or ICM trainer etc.

      I would advise to play turbo`s to boost your hourly rate and your ICM play

      GL sir
    • maikii23
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      Thanks for reply and yeah seems I have to work out ICM in particular when still many op are sitting at table, just played my first set in turbo mode and its uncommonly, that so many players are still alive, for example:

      Full Tilt Poker $2 + $0.25 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t60/t120 Blinds - 8 players - View hand 884868
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      MP1: t1130 9.42 BBs
      MP2: t2160 18 BBs
      CO: t1455 12.12 BBs
      Hero (BTN): t1560 13 BBs
      SB: t3085 25.71 BBs
      BB: t1350 11.25 BBs
      UTG: t1485 12.38 BBs
      UTG+1: t1275 10.62 BBs

      Pre Flop: (t180) Hero is BTN with A :diamond: T :spade:
      7 folds

      In this spot should I shove to steal blinds?