Thru Hardship To The Stars

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      Hello boys and girls.

      My name is Asmir, am coming from beautiful country Slovenia and after reading some of your blogs I got inspiration to make my own, so I can track my improvement, gather information and experiences in one place.

      My current playing style is SSS and I ve just beat nl10 limit at PokerStars, and looking forward to start grinding at NL25, and hopefully collect more points to clear my bonus and get at Golden status here and at Stars.
      On NL10 I played 12- 16 table and plan is to develop same skill on NL25 but I will start with 6table at first.
      My nickname there is Kittex,so if you see me, say HI :)

      It took me about 30k hands to move from 50$ to 150 which is minimum for NL25.
      I must say that it was pretty hard path for me, since I was constantly challenged by bad beats, tilts, downswing and everything which comes in a pack of poker world.

      I got myself Holdem Manager, so I played my last 16k hands with stats and I can post graphs now, evaluate hands and analyze my game deeply.
      Its a great tool, especially for blind stealing and adopt to your oponents play.

      Here is my graph:

      Uploaded with

      I watch SSS videos and reading strategy articles constantly and my game improved greatly since I commit myself to improve on poker play dailly, so my current day to day plan is to play 2k hands/ day if I dont hit downswing offcourse and read or watch videos for 1h.
      Plan is also to post at this blog dailly and start evaluating hands on hand evaluation forums, which I ve been reading for some time now, but zero posting.

      The main reason for starting this blog is to comming more to my poker education, so I can constantly set short term( dailly,weakly) ,mid term (monthly, 3 months ..) and long term( 6m, a year ) goals and track my game.

      THats it for now.

      Stay tuned.

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    • asmirovic
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      Its time to sit down and write some more in my newly created blog.

      Dedicated 4h today and watched all series of Gervs: I play nano stakes.
      Watched videos before but I felt like going again thru pure basics wont do me no harm and see some looser play in hes 4th and 5th video.
      Must admit that on occasions I was bit bored by basics but txting with a girl I met yesterday in library made that bit easier. :f_biggrin:

      And that Gerv is are really awesome guy.
      Hes knoweldege is very impressing and explanations very easy to understand, even to a guy like me - Thums up Gerv

      when came home I played 672 hands on stars NL25 and make profit of 13$ which is awesome.

      the plan for today is to play another sesison of at least 1300 hands, so my norm of 2k hands daily will be filled.

      the plan is also to post some hands in hands evaluation forum

      PokerStars - NL25



      BR: 163.78$

      Next stop: BR at 600$ = NL50

      Stay tuned

      Edit: thx to Tampaloeres81 I corrected Grev into Gerv- Thx Tampa, and rorrlsh
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      Nice start to your blog and a pretty nice turn-around on your graph. Good luck, and when are we going to see some of these goals? :)

      Staying tuned ;)
    • Tampaloeres81
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      Hi there,

      Nice start :D Keep it comming. Will see you on the hands evaluation forum ;)

      Oh: Call him Gerv instead of Grev :f_biggrin:

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      Its about time you open up a blog...
      nice work and nice goals... they remind me of mine, while I was playing SSS ;)
      Don't you just love when the green is above the red line :D
      but since I have switched to BSS, I've been reading/watching BSS strategy and playing a little bit, just to make a small profit and test the field and how to use stats...
      Hope to reach you on MSN or on skype sometimes soon.
      Take care and good luck...

      Are you sure you corrected everything:
      "all series of Grevs"

      (Added to Favorites)
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      Hello guys, thx for support, as you can see thx to rorrlsh and Tampa I fixed, Gervs name so he wont be angry :)

      Thx again guys.

      @ Tampaloeres81

      Thanks man!
      I know you are very active in hands evaluation area and as seen there you know your shit, so I am very pleased that you will be helping me on my way to NL400 where you are at :)

      @ MrMardyBum

      Thanks man, I ve checked out your blog and its awesome, I really like your progress and the way you outlined and tracked your goals.
      If you wont mind I will steal that from you :)

      I actually have set goals for end of this month and next one in my native language, so I will soon(maybe in toniht) translate them and post here.
      Acutally that is very good idea, so I can have everything in one place.
      Thanks for stying tuned :)

      @ rorrlsh

      Hey wingman :)
      Been trying to reach you since I came home from my mini trip vocation at weekend.
      Without much success tho.
      I know your MSN is broken, so I installed skype on lap today(my nick is asmirovic), so you can track me there.
      I dont use gtalk muck.
      I hope you are doing well with your BSS and you dedicate more time to learn those prints you made.

      and yeah its awesome to be in green again(wait to see my new graph :) .

    • asmirovic
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      Hello again friends.

      Just finished today's last session and end a day at 1926 hands and profit of +21$.
      Today's been a very good day for poker.
      As stated before studied about 4h and played 3h- did almost nothing else besides poker today :) .
      Made a profit of 45$ which is more than excellent and feel confident in my game again after a long time.

      Here is today's graph:

      Uploaded with

      Looks nice , huh :)

      Before I move to other things I want to state in this report I want to write my first impressions about PokerStars Nl25.
      First impression is that opponents are even more fishier than on Nl10 (sounds crazy I know), and hell lot more aggressive!
      I made a new term in notes for players its called IAG = Insanely Aggressive.
      Looks like they all have need to defend their blinds with almost any two cards.
      Any Ace is good, any two face card also,not to mention pocket pairs.
      I ve noticed that they are all ready to shove with AJ, AQ, and sometimes even with AT therefore its very hard for me to fold AQ, when 3bet etc.
      Despite the fact that my calls with AQ almost always end up against monsters ( KK, AA,QQ, and sometimes JJ) :evil:
      All in all its very beatable limit, I just have to be careful of goin insane myself, which happened couple of times, when I lost AA against A6s, or AK vs 44.
      As you can also see from graph posted above whole day has been kinda swingy.
      I would first lose 3BI, than won 5, than against lost 4, won 6 etc.
      Me personally can be blame for some of those, to call AI with KQ, but most are due to variance and bad beats.
      Its all good as long as I am in green, but on moments it can be very stressful and hopefully that will be reduced in future days, by improving my game and make smart decisions in hard/emotional moments + having variance on my side :)
      I think I made a correct step towards that by limiting my steal ranges with lose players.I tend to steal with any two from guys with VPIP under 10, before I tend to do that with all of those with VPIP under 20 and someitmes even looser, but that made my life harder :) .

      Ok that's it about impressions, now lets focus on my goals for remaining days of this month and for the next month :

      For AUGUST :

      * read thru the book THE POKER MINDSET- I ve gone thru 1/3 of it already
      * attend both of Gervs SSS coachings( Bronze and Silver)
      * play 2k hands/day(12k)
      * daily post hands on Evaluation forums
      * clear second part of 10 parts of PokerStars first deposit bonus- 36% completed so far ( God I hope somebody will understand what I wrote here :) .
      * play some PokerStars VIP tournaments(I am silver now, so I can attend 10 and 20 FPPS 500$ and 1000$ tournaments)
      * update my blog daily


      * rise a norm of hands/ day to 2,5k
      * constantly play 16 table (now I play mostly 12 to 16 occasionally)
      * clear 4 out of 10 part of my remaining bonus on PokerStars
      * attend all Gervs Bronze and Silver coaching's
      * become Gold at PokerStrategy
      * become Gold at PokerStars, so I can accumulate my FPPs easily and play some more VIP tournaments
      * improve my game thru reading,watching videos,evaluations, coaching's to the point I can be very confident at NL25
      * improve my understanding of mathematics of poker, which pretty much sucks(I know how to calculate pot odds, odds and outs etc, but have no clue about rest)

      Ok boys and girls that it for today.
      I am off to bed, so good night to all and good luck.

      Stay tuned...
    • THeGaME23
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      Nice blog and good luck.
    • MrMardyBum
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      Really nice graph you have there, and also a lot of varied and realistic goals to keep you occupied, unlike me who sets silly goals and then wonders why I never reach them :D

      Awesome day hope you have plenty more like it. Good luck :)
    • asmirovic
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      @ ThHeGaME23

      thanks a lot man, dont forget to stop by to see how am I doin :)

      @ MrMardyBum

      Thanks for best wishes man, I wish you the same.
      I ve checeked your blog and saw some of goals that dont depend on you, but in vast majority of time you set yourself a good goals.
      I used to made same mistake as setting myself a goal, to earn set amount of money by that day or to cashout on some tournament by that day, and as you said I mostly failed to reach them.
      Then I read chapter in The Poker Mindset about setting goals and it made me realise I was doing a big mistake.

      The guy said :

      First, you need to have the power to directly achieve the goal, and second, the goal must not conflict with or detract from your ultimate aim of making the best decision as often as possible. Learning and development goals are good because they can be fulfilled away from the table. Try setting yourself a goal such as:
      • I will read one poker book every two months this year.
      I will post a hand example in a poker forum from every session I play this month.
      I will spend at least two hours per week reviewing hand examples.
      These are goals that you have the power to achieve directly, that are easily measurable, and that will not cause you to compromise your game. If you really feel the need to set yourself a goal when you are actually at the table, then make it this:
      During this session I will play the best poker I can, making as many good decisions as possible.

      That book is fucking awesome and I think everyone who consider himself above free time poker player should have one on hes bookshell and re read it every once in while.

      I played another 1.3k hands today and have new amazing graph to show off, but I have to go now, so I guess it will have to wait till I come home tonight.

      I wish ya all the best of luck .

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      Here am I again.
      Just finished second session, and posting hands on evaluating forums.
      Todays day was again most about poker.
      I sat at the tables at 14 and played 2h, then went out, at 7 pm there was pokerstars freeroll in my town, I finished second - yeah + met some cool guys from poker world there.

      heres photo :

      Uploaded with

      Came home around 11 , ate dinner and played the rest of a session.

      Again it was good day for poker, I end the day with extra 50$ in my pocket which is great.
      I had some really really ugly moments especially in first session today, where I had some really nasty bad beats and lost many coin flips.
      But I remain calm and kept my A game most of the time ( expect few stupid shoves on tilt) ,concentrate solely on game, and managed to climb out of it and end session in positive .
      I ve experienced that multi tabling had positive effect when you are on tilt as you are forced to concentrate on the rest of the tables and soon forget about bad beats.
      Otherwise you lose track on other tables and end up in mess- ask me how i know :) .

      Here is todays graph :

      I could look at it all day long :)

      As I said before todays day was again all about poker, which bothers me bit, since I have other things in life I love to do .
      I ve missed 4 of my boxing trainings, I should meet with my friends, get with a girl and did nothing except mostly sitting in front of my PC and grinding, and only socialising in this two days were chatting with my mom and sister at home and at PokeStars free roll tournament tonight.

      But hey if you want to achive success in any area of your life you have to put in the numbers, grind, grind and results are sure to come.
      I am glad I realise that,I just have to find a way to combine all of that.
      Day had enough hours to complete all of this stuff, I just need to work bit on my organisational skills and time management.

      I wonder how do you guys balance lines in life, so you can play poker and have other normal activities??

      Stay tuned...

      PokerStars - NL25



      BR: 235.41$

      Next stop: BR at 600$ = NL50
    • asmirovic
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      From today on I am official fan of PokerStars

      Here are the resons:

      * there are only left that support 20BB buyin
      * they have zillion of people, so you can play all day long
      * their software is so optimised that you can easly play 16 tables and not having your PC dying along
      * they have auto re-buy option, where software itself re-fill your stack when you drop low to level you set(me is 18BB)
      * preferred seat is awesome fuction, table is automatically rotated so you seat in preferred position
      * you can tun off those sill tournament notications, which ocupy bit portion of my table when I MT

      All in all its exceptionally nice envoiroment for SSSers so LONG LIVE POKERSTARS

    • asmirovic
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      Here I am after some time.
      I realised that goal of updating this blog wont be such an easy task, and becouse I dont see it as very important I will remove it from my goals list for some time :) .

      Completing all other goals is still in progress.

      Survived a really nasty downswing 3 days ago of 10BI.
      I must admit I played session pretty poorly, so more than loss of money I was disappointed by my lousy play and the way bad beats affected me.
      After that session I opened The poker minsed and read the chapter about downswing, wrote out couple of sentences that resonated with me and read them out loud.
      That helped alot.

      There they are :

      *Think of every session as a fresh start.

      *You cope with downswings the same way you deal with anything else in poker. You make the decisions that will make you the most money in the long term.

      *Make up your mind that you are not going to be the player complaining about his bad run. You are going to be the player who takes the rough with the smooth and comes through unscathed.

      *There is nothing you can do to influence the cards you receive or the hands you and your opponents make. Your luck will improve when it improves, and that is all there is to it. This leaves you two things to concentrate your energies on during a downswing: improving your game and avoiding tilt.

      *If you are making the correct decisions, then the fact that you are losing is irrelevant. If you aren't making the correct decisions, then you had better concentrate on that rather than on any bad luck you are experiencing.

      *Desensitize yourself to money - The money you are losing is unimportant. If you are making the correct decisions, then you should be happy.

      *Dedicate yourself to a continuous cycle of
      analysis and improvement - Face it, your game needs work. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because of the bad luck you are experiencing and do the one thing you can do to improve your results: Learn to play better!

      Went to bed in pretty calmed state, the next day I played and managed to earn 25$ ,so I cut my loses in half, which is awesome.
      Today I watched 2 silver videos of Anna Kurnikovas mini series , Tight as Hell, not, also managed to release next 10$ of my pokestars bonus and earned 27$ in my 500 hands session, so was very happy that I am back on the track again.

      Sounds too good to be true, I know , so when I sat down 2 h ago I couldnt even imagine what hell awaits me in this time.
      In 1200 hands I menaged to lose 50$ and mostly due to bad beats and maybe 3 marginal decisions which can be affected by tilt.
      Somewhere in middle I managed to crawl back from -50 to -30 than it hits me again, and threw me back to -60 ,where I managed to put it under -49 and end a day.

      I kept my A game most of the time, tried to stay calm, cool and collected.
      And it was damn hard.
      Althourght most of my decisions were correct I feel totally beaten by poker.
      Whenever I had coinflip situation I lost, whenever I hit somehow opponent or sucked out, or limped with know the process
      At this moment I feel totally demoralised, and it doesnt make much sense to play poker anymore.

      As many times before I watched this video and somehow all this mambo jumbo makes sense and I feel stronger than this NL25 :

      Here is my graph so far at pokerstars :

      Uploaded with

      MY BR fall back from 244$ to 192$ so I am 10 BB short and in 14k hands my earning ratio is 2.62bb/100 hands.

      Thats all for today, tomorrow is a new day to fight.

    • asmirovic
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      Hello, its time to update this palce again.
      Been grinding this days and it payed off.
      My graph looks nice once again and I am confident in my game once again.
      Been confident pretty much all the time, but its kinda hard to maintain that state when you lose 1/4 of your BR and we all know that its not just bad luck to blame for this.
      I ve set myself a stop loss limit to 5BI so all I have to do is to imprint that in my mind and stick to it.
      So that is one of my major goals for september: TO SET IN STONE THAT I HAVE TO RESPECT MY STOP LOSS LIMIT !

      Here are goals I set myself for august(greens are one I made thru ) :

      read thru the book THE POKER MINDSET- I ve gone thru 1/3 of it already
      attend both of Gervs SSS coachings( Bronze and Silver)
      play 2k hands/day(12k)
      daily post hands on Evaluation forums
      clear second part of 10 parts of PokerStars first deposit bonus .
      play some PokerStars VIP tournaments(I am silver now, so I can attend 10 and 20 FPPS 500$ and 1000$ tournaments)

      update my blog

      As seen I still didnt complete THe poker mindset reading, but I read chapters about tilting and downswing couple of times, and when I most need it, so I think I am making most of it, and am 100% confident that I will complete this task in this month.

      Havent attend Gervs coaching(for some case it was only bronze), couse I forget about it :f_mad:

      Here is graph for AUGUST:

      Goals for September:

      *Attend all SSS coachings
      *Finnish The Poker Mindset
      *Play 3k hands dailly in two sessions, one in a morning and one in a evening(no poker during the day
      *Maintain Gold status at PokerStrategy
      *Achieve Gold status on pokerstars
      *post hands on evaluation forums dailly
      *improve mathematics of poker
      *study all articles in gold section and watch videos

      Thats it I think I have a lot of work to do :)

      Some info about my BR:
      hands played on nl25: 17099
      current BR: 277,14$
      bb/100: 2.62
      Next goal : 600$ and NL50

      Stay tuned...
    • rorrlsh
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      Thanks for helping me change my mind and continue playing SSS...
      I'll study BSS once I have enough money to learn and play it :)
      PokerStars rulez
    • jbpatzer
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      I'm currently shortstacking on pokerstars NL50. I'll keep an eye on your blog. Good luck!
    • asmirovic
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      @ rorrlsh

      No problem bro, its nice liberating feeling to have you onboard once again.
      Looking forward to see your new upcoming blog and some sweat sessions with you.


      Professor I threw an eye on your blog and as I stated there am really amazed by various strategies of poker you are involved in.

      I hope by the end of september I will have adecuate BR to grind at NL50.
      I made a suggestion on your blog, that maybe sometimes we can make sweat session together at NL25 SSS.
      Looking forward to your answer.

    • jbpatzer
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      Originally posted by asmirovic

      Professor I threw an eye on your blog and as I stated there am really amazed by various strategies of poker you are involved in.
      ha ha. Jack of all trades, master of none! :f_cry:
    • rorrlsh
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      Yeah Prof has a nice blog and since Spurs are not playing tomorrow we could do a sweat session all three of us on NL25. If he is up for it?
    • asmirovic
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      Yeah Me and Proffesor made a deal to have session on Wednesday 10 pm, offcourse I am totally ok if you join us, I will ask him and let you know over skype.
      He seem to be really cool guy, so I thik there wont be any issues with that.
      Talk to you soon...