Tournament - Broke by blinds

    • Vepof
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      Yesterday i played my first freeroll tournament...10/20 (increasing every 8m, ante on lvl 10)
      At the first levels, 1-10, i did pretty good being tight-agressive, folding a lot, raising and going all-in on the strong hands, and calling when i had mixed hands suited depending on my position...
      But on the next levels, blinds increased too much, and my stack wasn't enough to "wait" for a strong hand, i consciously tilted and went all in with not-that-good hand, as result i left the tournament...

      Whats the strategy on that kind of tournament? Play very agressive on the lower levels to make a big stack to take the blinds? Play even more TIGHT, and even more agressive when a strong hand comes?

      Lets discuss about it

      ps: I finished tournament at 37th position out 526 registered, got 0.51$ hah
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