What do i do here????

    • mcrandle913
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      Im sitting in a freeroll tourney which is 9-handed tables with 1400 entrys. Its down to about 500 people and i, around top 30 with 26k stack. I get moved to a table where every1 is sitting out except the chip lead with about 60k chips.

      I try and play TAG but as its basically head up this guy raises me everyhand ( hes been gathering up the antes and blinds). so 9 hands in i decide to play back. im busted in 6 hands. he out flopped me or caught the river 6 times in a row X(

      Anyone have any advice on how to play in this situation??

      thanks in advance guys
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    • alenstrat
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      Keep playing your game. Being the short stack is almost a sure double up vs. so many big stacks, so I think it's an advantage. On the other hand I understand the unfortunateness of the situation. I remember something similar happening in a tournament, I think there were like 60 players left, and as small stacks busted out my table got filled with large stacks, so I was not even the large stack on the table, which sucked, and I ended up busting to another big stack who played a trash hand. I think this was a worse situation since big stack vs. big stack is generally a disaster for one of the players.