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Gambits $100 TO $1K challenge

    • GambitCards
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 58
      Hi all,

      My story is the standard poker story I guess, I'm a 22 year old from the UK and I've been playing for a year or so online with little success!

      My highest ever bankroll was $750, which I built from $30 in Sng's and Mtts in one week (one score of $410). Of course I lost it all in about an hour and a half! I decided one afternoon that it would be a good idea to put it all onto a 10/20 6max ring game! I think it was a $350 cap game, we ended up being 4 handed and this one guy just ripped me apart with his aggro play, i don't think I hit one pair in that hour and a half.
      Since then I have had no BRM whatsoever, deposited many time and become broke again in a day or two. Standard.

      Anyway as we all say on these blogs 'it's time to take my game seriously, build a roll and stick to bankroll management'. So thats where I'm at, thats what its come to :)

      Started last week on a new site with 100 hard earned dollars, got myself the deposit bonus (which sucks btw, really slow in payouts, $5 increments and its gunna take a while to clear, but meh) and I'm planning on going from there.
      I have managed to make $82 so far playing 0.5/.10 or 10nl, whatever :P with a few $5 sit and gos thrown in there. So my current bankroll stands at $182 and I was thinking of changing limits when I reach $250 what do you think? maybe a few shots at first of course ;)

      anyways you can all follow me and watch me go busto if you want, any advice welcome, especially from someone who has completed a similar challenge.
      Bankroll: $182
      Limits: 10nl & $5 STT's
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    • GambitCards
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 58
      :spade: Update

      So I played some more today, Just in the cash games and made a nice profit. Concentrating on 2-4 tables I've managed to earn $20 in a hour and a halfs play, not too bad at 10nl. however I did make $15 in one pot which helped!
      The players at this level just dont seem to be able to let go of mediocre hands and its quite easy (from what I've seen in the little i've played so far) to get value on the river which is good.

      So today I reached the $200 benchmark and the double up :) , very happy and hopefully I can continue to the next double up of $400, all in good time of course lol

      Bankroll: $202.69
      Random stats:
      :diamond: 11 days played
      :diamond: Flops seen : 25%, flops won if seen: 49%
      :diamond: Showdowns won: 54%
      :diamond: Hands played: 4820

      Short-term goals:
      maintain a $200+ roll
      sweat some $5 Sng's
      Take shot(s) at $10 sng sometime this week
    • GambitCards
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 58
      Quick update

      Bankroll: $228
      $17 in a sng
      $9 in ring, 62 hands

      Stil have not released my first $5 increment from my DB, but it's close!

      I'm trying to update the blog often, to keep myself motivated and stop the inner donk in me from breaking out!

      time to sleeep
    • hackbinder
      Joined: 15.05.2009 Posts: 618
      I'm jealous!

      You are progressing WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY faster than me!

      Nice work!

    • GambitCards
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 58
      haha I see you've had a nice upswing now hack, i'm sure that you'll get there a long time before me ;)

      Had a couple of days of from poker, well they were forced really, I went out on friday and theres no way I coulda played yesterday. mainly because I couldnt see straight!

      So today I had two two hour sessions and managed to turn a nice profit (+33) and I really want to have a shot at some higher games particularly in the sngs, but i've suddenly become a bankroll nit and can't stand the thought of losing too much $.
      I've also noticed that my attention span is decreasing and I'm getting distracted, luckily i tend to just log out as soon as I start to feel that way.

      anyways i've decided that i need a programme to track my progress, but im not sure what to go for as i've never even used one before. I remember trying to set the elephant programme up a while ago, with no success, kept getting a postgre error?!

      Im aiming to hit $300 in the next 2 days and also have some courage to play a couple of $10 sngs.

      Bankroll currently stands at 261