advice on moving my bankroll

    • molywop
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      hello pokerstrategy,

      ive been contemplating the idea of moving my BR from FT to another of pokerstrategies affiliates, and i'm looking to the community for advice on the easiest and most +EV way of going about it.

      i want to move for the 1st deposit bonuses available, how long do they usually take to clear? i'll be playing NL25 and 4 tabling.

      any suggestions on rake races too? is it a good idea to move at the beginning of the month? are there some sites which have "softer" rake races?

      also, will it be quicker to open a moneybookers account transfer the money? or just as quick to withdraw to my bank then deposit?

      any other tips are welcome...

      thanks in advance :s_love:
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    • MrPavlos
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      imo u should open a moneybookers acc,they are quite helpfull and i havent yet found a site that doesnt accept MB,it's easy and convinient.Do it
    • dydukas
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      I made an experiment, tried to withdraw half of my money to my bank account and the other half to MB. And guess what, MB were 3 times slower. I got the money the next morning to my bank account and it took 3 business days to MB. Only tried that on Titan poker and bwin though, no idea bout FT.