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      I have quite a silly question, actualy... :)
      Been playing for some time, and got some money, I would like to withdraw. Was thinking using MB, it looks the safest way... :)
      Had a bad experience with credit card abuse, quite a big amount got stolen (luckily I was able to prove, it wasn't my transactiion, so bank refunded my money)...well since then i only used Paysafe Card to deposit to poker site... Don't have MB either...

      Now to the question... ;) Can I use my son's MB account for withdrawal from poker site, or will there be problems, because emails, and personal info won't match? :D if anyoune knows...otherwise, i'll just take time, and open my own MB account. :) It'll take little longer, but if there's no other way... :D

      thank you for info!

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