Rush tournaments, play speed

    • alenstrat
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      OK, I'm having some trouble adjusting to turbo rush tournaments.

      How many hands per hr. should one be playing? I've tinkered around with slowing down my play speed when I build a 2x average stack size or better close to the money, since the blinds and antes seem to destroy even an above average stack if card dead for just 5 or 10 minutes.

      I normally play 400 hands per hour, and I modified my play speed to waiting till the tournament pops up and it's my turn to play and immediately playing then, treating it like a normal tournament. This was successful and I've reached pretty far now, but still don't feel comfortable with this either.

      Has anyone had similar issues?

      And as I said this is only in turbo rush tournaments, in normal speed rush tournaments I advocate playing as many hands as possible to get the greatest amount of premium hands as possible.

      But in turbo, your stack might not last long enough to reach that next premium hand it seems, if speed folding away.
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