Holdem Indicator

    • hopeletron
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      I am using tournament indicator for sitngo and MTT, and really like it.
      it works out of the box, without any hassels what so ever.

      I am thinking of getting Holdem indicator ( the cash game version ) , any experience with this program anybody?

      I know holdem manager has more stats en indepth views and so on....should I just investe in this rather then holdem indicator?

      I am a new member here, and am gonna try to make something of my 50 bucks :-)

      I want to be mainly playing cashgames, because I registred on 888 and the tourney or sit n go offer are not that great imo.

      So my main question is, should I just investe in the best like HEM, or will holdem indicator be sufficient ?

      considering I know the software and in fact am a big fan of this because it jsut works great without hardly any trouble.

      kind regards,
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