Money from pokerstrategy55 ?

    • downants
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      I recieved 50$ bonus to my account. First I went busto, but then i recieved 8$ from an account pokerstrategy55 on a Friday so I guessed it was rakeback, because i had generated 250 points, ( even that i shouldn't get it, because I created my Full Tilt account in this years August and I havent cleared the bonus yet and haven't deposited my own funds) so I started playing with that and got 0.73 cents from pokerstrategy55 next Friday. I knew it would be small amount because I earned very few points. But this week I played alot, (turned that 8$ to a 80$ on NL5 and have generated something like 500 points) but I still got only 0.73 today from pokerstrategy55. So if this money is rakeback, then i should have got more. Is this money rakeback then? And if it is why I got 8 dollars when I generated 250 FTPs and 0.73 $ when i generated 500+ FTPs?

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