Losing 30$ in one hand....

    • GekkeTommy
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      Alright here's the deal:

      NL Hold'em 0.25/0.50

      Hole cards: Q :spade: Q :diamond:

      I raise to 3$, and this other guy reraises me to 7$.
      I just call.

      Flop Comes: 7 :spade: 10 :spade: 5 :spade:

      I check. He bets out 10$(here I had a lil' feeling
      that he had a bigger pocket pair). Stupid me, I call.

      Turn: J :heart:

      I bet 5$, he just calls me.

      River: A :spade:

      I check, he bets out 10$. Should've folded...I had the flush though,
      and might have been that he didn't had the K :spade: .
      He turns over his hole cards: K :club: K :spade:
      Luckely I didn't went all in... :tongue:

      What would you do at the river if you'd get that far...
      Amateur mistake? => Curiousity took over?.... X(

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    • undercover82
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      I dont see anything wrong with your call on the river , you have the 2nd nuts.
      I would have probably lead myself to make him pay with a worse flush or an ace.
      Even the small blockbet on the turn worked and probably saved you some money although its a questionable play.
      And anyway losing 30$ on NL50 is nothing at all , provided of course you use some Bankroll management which should mean that you have at least 1000$.
      Apparently you don't though because you only got the 50$ in the last 2-3 days , maybe even today. So you can blame yourself for gambling it away , poker is not a game where you will be able to make money quickly. Hopefully that hand taught you something , and you can try to build a BR with your remaining money.
    • GekkeTommy
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      Yea, I still have 50$ left.
      And I made that bet on the turn, to see where i'm at.
      if he would have raised me there, I would have definitally layed it down.
      But he just called me, and that was really weird.
    • Laurenz1988
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      Sorry to say, but i doubt u should play 50NL, its way outta ur league. Like this hand, its so standard that it aint worth opening a topic about it. Try some easier games first, like 10NL, and see if u can beat that.
    • Mashadar
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      @ laurens: even 10NL is way to high limit for bss, if you have 50 dollar
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi GekkeTommy!

      Only one thing: Reread the SSS strategy articles and stick to them - especially the bankroll management article!

      Good luck at the tables!