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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello Schnitzelfisch,

      Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

      Please note that Santa Claus is not a myth, and he is in fact as real as helium balloons. Fortunately, you do not have to kidnap him as we happen to know where he lives, and what he is doing 24/7/365. It is of our responsibility to know these things, so fear no more!

      You can follow Santa Claus live on webcam for FREE! Yes, I am telling you the truth my brother for another mother.

      He is living in Rovamiemi in Finland preparing for christmas these days, and during opening hours you are allowed to follow his every move, if you catch my drift:

      Santa Claus knows that some parts of the world use messengers - pigeons - that are not dependent on any postal system or electricity. Every now and then a pigeon will fly in a message from some far-flung corner of the globe. Did you realise that merely a pleasant thought will sometimes turn into a bird bearing greetings to Santa Claus?

      If you have any other questions you are always welcome to contact us again.

      Sincerely yours,

      Frode K
      PokerStars Support Team

      ----- Original Message -----
      Sent: 2010/08/28 04:37:30
      Subject: I have a question


      Recently, I've had a conversation with my friends about Santa Claus. Some of
      they claimed that she is not real but merely a myth! This caused me to fall
      in deep depression. I do not know what is true and what is not anymore. I
      need to go on a quest to find out if she is real or not. Could you please
      tell me where she lives? I think that kidnapping her and bringing her to my
      friends is the only option. And I would also like to know, how do you kidnap
      Santa Claus? I don't want him to escape when she sees me, thinking I want to
      rape her!

      I hope to get some advice, I really need it!

      It took them 30 minutes only to reply ;)
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