Is FR vs SH a question of skill?

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      Hi guys!

      I've been playing SH most of my poker "career", and kept thinking why my progress is so slow, taking in account that I have done quite a lot of article reading and watched many of session reviews on

      Anyway, I switched to FR a few days ago, just out of curiosity (I've done it once or twice for a few hands, but always gave up quickly because it was quite boring, to be honest - in comparison to SH game, that is). Well, as I said before, I've been playing FR for a few days now and I'm really starting to think this is more "my style" of a game, especially regarding the fact that I never managed to get my VPIP/PFR as high as it should be in SH game.

      But I was also thinking, why am I doing better at you guys think that choosing between FR and SH depends on a "skill" a person has (basically my question is, is SH more "skill dependant" game than FR)? Or is it just other things that come into account?

      Thanks for your answers!

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