Is it possible to get $50 starting capital more than 1 time ?

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    • wasy8
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      PS comes around with second starting capitals every once in a while, but if you don't receive the email you're out of luck.

      but seriously, how are you a platinum member and need to ask this question?
      1) search function is your friend
      2) don't be cheap and just deposit
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      From time to time, there are special promotions granting the second starting capital to all Pokerstrategy members. There is also a slim chance that you will be randomly selected for a second starting capital (you cannot apply for this though). If you do happen to be randomly selected for a second starting capital, you will receive an e-mail about it from Pokerstrategy. All in all, you are better off using one of our First deposit bonuses than waiting for a second starting capital ;) .

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