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[NL2-NL10] NL4 22 in CO

    • BigAl123456
      Joined: 21.07.2010 Posts: 4,080
      PartyGaming - $0.04 NL - Holdem - 9 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      UTG+1: $1.99
      MP: $3.96
      MP+1: $4.20
      LP: $4.00
      Hero (CO): $5.94
      BTN: $4.74
      SB: $4.69
      BB: $7.71
      UTG: $4.02

      SB posts SB $0.02, BB posts BB $0.04

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.06) Hero has 2:club: 2:heart:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.16, BTN raises to $0.52, fold, fold, Hero calls $0.36

      Flop: ($1.10, 2 players) 2:diamond: A:heart: A:spade:
      Hero checks, BTN bets $0.52, Hero raises to $1.04, BTN calls $0.52

      Turn: ($3.18, 2 players) 8:club:
      Hero bets $2.50, BTN raises to $3.18 and is all-in, Hero calls $0.68

      River: ($9.54, 2 players) 6:spade:
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    • Hathi7
      Joined: 28.02.2009 Posts: 1
      Fold preflop, you're not getting the odds to setmine. Calling a 3bet oop is bad.

      I wouldn't raise the flop, you're not getting value from worse hands I think. If you do raise, raise bigger, don't minraise. You've hitted a monster, slowplay it a bit and give him time to catch up a bit. Also, the stacks are will be in by the river anyway, if he keeps on betting 1/2pot
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      I agree with the fold pre thing - he's raising us x3.25, definitely a bad spot for 22, because unless he hits big (like 2p or at least TPTK) we're not going to get enough value from our hand, and obviously most of the time we'll miss.

      besides that, NH. Imo it doesn't matter where you get it in, I believe that even on the flop AQ and AK are getting it in with u, playing for 4 outs. But since 4 outs is the best your opponent can have (pairs have 3 outs, we're drawing dead vs. AA but there is only 1 combo) then you don't really have to protect, so getting it in on any street is OK imo.

      If you c/r the flop make it a bit bigger as Hathi7 suggested - at leat x2.5 (x3 better), no reason to minraise as sometimes he might call the raise with TT~KK once (if he's spazzy) and fold to a bet on another street.
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      Just because it doesn't matter what you do to get it against AK/AQ doesn't mean it's not worth thinking about how to get the most money out of other hands, quite the contrary in fact. If it doesn't matter what happens against big Ax hands, you have more time to make sure you maximize against air hands and weka pairs.

      I like your line against overall suspicious guys, especially overaggressive tags capable of just jamming over any pocket pair or even stuff like KQ because you obviously have nothing, or calling down with stuff like KK. That will usually make up for not inducing turn barrels.

      That said I usually try and represent the weakest part of my range without history, especially against a guy who 3bet me BUvsCO. So my default is to just check/call like I have 99 or something, to possibly induce him to bet on "scary turns" for my range like broadways. Some guys just won't believe you can ever have Ax and might barrel blank turns as well. You get more value out of his air hands this way, and sometimes they'll even try and valuebet your 99 thin with ~KK, which you might not have gotten that much money from if he just believed your flop/raise.

      Hope it helps.